Carrying hot or cold beverages from the coffee shop to your workplace or home is a tricky business. Delivering lukewarm drinks wins neither friends nor favors. BevBag is an insulated, portable beverage container with a top handle for ease of transport of both hot and cold beverages. This innovative multi-purpose solution can comfortably carry four full-size drink cups without spillage.


    My Story


Helping people is a calling for me – I work as a Nurse Practitioner in tropical medicine and now I have invented the BevBag to help prevent the spillage of hot or cold drinks on oneself, others or anything else.  This drink carrier is an insulated, portable beverage container with a top handle that provides for an easy, spill-free carry of drinks.

Backstory: I left Colorado to stay with my Dad who lives alone in New Jersey with Alzheimer’s.  Part of taking care of someone is taking them to their doctors’ appointments. I got in the habit of thanking the staff with coffees, but it was awkward carrying them on just one of those cardboard trays and on one of my transports I nearly spilled drinks on someone and by the time I got there, the drinks were lukewarm at best.  I realized there must be a better solution. Why not make a fully enclosed insulated bag that fits exactly around a carrier tray- the BevBag!   I have a video with my Dad and I on YouTube called “The Sweet Side of Alzheimer’s.”  It is on my channel:  Roxanne Royce.