Amazon Reviews

Wonderful product! Easy to use for carrying four hot beverages.

Great Product! It insulates well; both hot or cold. It holds cups in place with the carrier tray. Highly recommend.

Works great holding all my shakes!  I bought this for my shakes
so I can prepare them at home and bring several cups to work every day.

This BevBag thing works really well. I keep it in the car and am
discovering it has a myriad of uses: from transporting refrigerated
groceries to keeping the random morning roadkill fresh until
dinner. It also muffles sound quite well, as I discovered when I taped
it over my daughter’s head to keep her from crying when I left her in
the car overnight in the hot Phoenix sun. But it really shines as a
drink carrier in the car. I can be confident that not a drop will
spill when I’m hauling hot coffee and Ketamine as I’m skidding around
corners and through crowded intersections at 180 mph in Boston and New York.

Love this carrier. Nothing like it on the market. I was looking for
something for a LONG time, and finally came across this one. It
carries a Trenta-sized Starbucks cup. I use it everyday to bring
drinks to work so they don’t spill all over while I am opening a
door. I do wish it came in black, though, for business meetings when I
bring drinks for my clients. Great, great idea!!!

I am so happy that I won’t have to give her a picture …
Boy was I surprised how fast I received this carrier. It is a birthdaygift
and I wasn’t sure if it would make it in time since they had until the 28th
to get it to me. I am so happy that I won’t have to give her a
picture of it and she will get the real thing. I have been
looking at this for a long time since at work we get each other Coffee
and since my car only has two cup holders and there is four of us I
thought this would be a great gift for my boss also. She has a
expresso machine at home and makes us coffee sometimes. Looks just as
it does in the picture, well made and can be used for more then just
coffee cups. I love that you even put the cup holder in it. It’s made
of paper which is fine because when you buy more then 2 cups you get
one from the coffee shop. and I am so excited to give it to her. I may
have to get more!

I purchased a BevBag to carry coffees in the car after I had an
accident with a 24oz latte flying across the front passenger side of
my car! I tested the bag with three lattes and it worked brilliantly!
Finally a product that provides a solution to carry multiple drinks at one time.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a carrier that I
could hold up to 4 drinks easily without much hassle, while picking up
other orders at restaurant via uber-eats. The only con is, it doesn’t
comes with a tray, but that’s the least. You can easily get a drink
tray at McDonalds, and put it inside the bag. It fits like a glove. I
have carried 5 Sundaes, and 4 large drinks inside this bag, and it
fits perfectly with no spillage. Customers are really impressed, when
I unzip the bag and retrieve their drink, they say “wow! I have never
seen anything like this!” Just the smile on their faces made my day.

It’s so awesome, everyone should own one wow, it really keeps my
coffee warm, yet it also keeps my cold drinks cold, its so awesome, everyone
should own one, and its such a great price, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Easily fits standard Starbucks / Dunkin Donuts / Caribou Coffee / McDonalds cardboard
drink carriers. Insulated design is lightweight, easy handle carry, and
keeps hot drinks hot, keeps cold drinks cold. Couldn’t live without.

Must have in food delivery

Great product. Must have for Grubhub or
Postmarked delivery !!

Cool, but it should include a reusable cup holder. As it is, it’s only
a nice insulated lunch bag.

Great Product! It insulates well; both hot or cold. It holds cups in
place with the carrier tray. Highly recommend.

Received mine today. Kind of disappointed. Was under the impression
the coffee holder inside was part of the bag and possibly plastic, but
what I got was the bag packed separately and what looks like an old,
used, beat up Starbucks cardboard drink carrier thrown inside of the
shipping bag with it. The shipping bag used wasn’t well protected and
if that cardboard drink carrier looked new at one point, it sure
didn’t when I received it. The insulated carrier is nice at least. And
I suppose I can get more Starbucks cardboard things but still not what
I expected.